iPad 3: Enough New Features?

iPad 3 featuresIf you’re like many other techies out there, the advent of the iPad 3 couldn’t come soon enough. Sure, the official release date hasn’t even been announced, which makes the furious speculation about it even more fun. Apple is famous for generating crazy buzz around its product launches, and the best part about them is that even if we can predict the features and upgrades in advance, the actual iPad or other iDevice manages to be somehow more than what we thought.

What I’m wondering, though, is whether the iPad 3 have enough new features to really set it apart from the iPad 2. Is Apple at the point where they’ll just be tweaking instead of revolutionizing?

iPad 3 New Features

Let’s look at a few of the features rumored to appear on the iPad 3.

HD Retina Display

Sure, an updated display would be nice. But isn’t that just keeping up with the natural progression of things as opposed to something with a wow-factor? The retina display would be a great addition, but how many people will really see a huge difference between the iPad 2 screen?

Quad-Core Processor

I think this would be an extremely valuable addition to the iPad 3. While most of what we think of in terms of features has to do with software, and hardware with more apparent benefits (like updating the video cameras to HD),  for many people out there, speed is one of the most important “features” they look for. I’m certainly one of them. It’s such a huge part of the user experience. Fast processors aren’t exactly thrilling like other features, but I would choose speed over other features almost any day.


As I said in my post addressing the question, Is Siri Really That Bad?, I think Siri is a major step forward in voice recognition software and human/computer interaction. However, I don’t know how much of a difference it will make for the iPad 3. Yes, it’s a feature I think any new Apple mobile devices should have, but part of the huge value of Siri is so tied to the type of activities that surround cell phone use. I use Siri all the time when I’m driving, because I want to drive more safely. I just don’t see the same cross over to the iPad 3. How many people will try to use it when driving? It’s just not the same as the iPhone 4s, which can be operated and viewed easily with one hand.


So, which new features are you looking for on the iPad 3? Are there any must-haves or deal-breakers for you?