Baptism is a wonderful occasion to share using social media.

Church Social Media A-Z: B is for Baptism

Baptisms are wonderful events and an integral part of Christian community. Since they are public events and often include a reaffirmation of faith or reciting of a creed by the whole congregation, baptisms involve everyone. Baptisms are also special because they usually draw visitors or those who do not attend worship regularly. So where does social media come in?

Social Media and Baptism

        Social media can be used in a variety of ways when it comes to a baptism. Create Facebook and Twitter posts before an upcoming baptism inviting everyone to attend worship and celebrate this special occasion in the church.  Then, if the family approves it, take pictures and post them on Facebook and Twitter after the event so those who were not able to attend worship can still be a part of the baptism!

       Another idea for including baptism in your church’s social media presence is to write a blog post about the meaning of baptism for your particular denomination. You could write about what baptism means from a biblical perspective, from a historical perspective, and what it means to the life of your church today. This is a great way to share the importance of this foundational Christian practice with the church community generally. Post that blog article on Facebook and via Twitter and see how many people learn more about it based on what you wrote!