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How to Create More “Like-able” Facebook Posts

Try searching online for tips on creating more likable Facebook posts, and you’ll get some strange results. There’s usually a big problem with the advice such articles or Yahoo answers provides: they don’t take the particularity of your Facebook page community seriously enough.

Of course, it’s hard to give specific guidance that will target everyone’s needs, but here’s some advice on creating posts that will get lots of engagement in the form of “likes”.

1. Know your community well. There’s a great chance you already have this one covered, but the only way to create posts that people in your community will like is, well, to know what your community likes. You should try to learn (and stay on top of) all the ins and outs of what makes your particular community tick. It’s especially helpful to have a feel for what the top contributors on your page are interested in, because having them in mind when creating posts might help you generate likes easier.

2. Use past posts as a guide. Look back over past posts, whether they were pictures, videos, links, or just text updates. Which seemed to have the highest engagement and the most likes? Analyze those top posts and try to identify patterns. Are photos more heavily liked? Were they posted at a particular time, or often seem to address similar themes? Take notes and use them as a rubric for future posts.

3. Keep your audience in mind and go with your gut. Write statuses or post pictures, videos, or links with the first two steps forefront in your process, and before you actually click “share,” check your intuition. Do you honestly believe the people you know well in your community will respond positively? Does it “feel” right? Though that seems really ambiguous, over time your sense of what will and won’t be successful in terms of likes and other comments will develop. You’ll get to the point where you’ll know what works and what doesn’t, and engagement with your posts will increase.

Sure, “likes” are just one way to measure the success of your Facebook posts, and it all depends on your social media goals. But if you feel like you’re just posting without any engagement, try the above tips and see where they take you.