Summertime = Social Media Time

My last grilling success!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Before I  fire up the grill later today, I wanted to share why summer is the perfect time to get started with social media at your church, nonprofit, or business. Chances are, things move a little slower at your church during the summer, even though pastors may feel busier than ever! Here’s a few reasons why now is the time to start a Facebook page, Twitter account, and blog.

  1. More Time. You might be thinking, “who is this guy kidding?” I’m sure you have a lot going on, but in terms of the overall church year, summer can be a great time to start a new project. This is especially true if you want to have your social media presence already rolling when the fall busy season comes around. When people are signing up for Sunday School classes and leadership opportunities in the fall, it would be great to be able to say, “Also, sign up to receive updates via Facebook and Twitter!”
  2. Summer Mission Trips. Whether your church is going near or far this summer, there’s a good chance you’re doing some sort of mission trip. Not only can social media be used to update the whole church on the progress of the mission trip in almost real time and ask for prayer requests for specific concerns, there’s one thing you can count on everyone bringing home (besides a great experience and dirty laundry). Pictures! Video! Sharing the trip visually through pictures and videos posted on Facebook, Twitter, or as a part of your blog is a great way to help everyone in the church feel invested in the trip, even if they weren’t able to go personally. It’s also great to see the impact of any donations they made to the trip! While we’re on the topic, I came up with a Youth Ministry Summer Outreach Project idea you should check out if your church is sticking close to home this summer.
  3. Trial and Error. Summer is the perfect time to get your feet wet with social media because, let’s face it, you’ll probably have some bugs to work out! In the summer, when arguably more people have more time to use social media (God bless you, students and teachers!), you’ll learn fairly quickly what works and what doesn’t. Is there more engagement with your Facebook page than your Twitter account? Are some status updates commented and “liked” more than others? Take advantage of the more low-key atmosphere of summer and work out all the kinks, so that when fall comes around you’ll be a social media powerhouse!

Contact me today if you’re interested in help with getting your social media presence started!

What are your thoughts about summer as the perfect time to start with social media?