Adam Bowers Media on Dan Miller’s 48 Days Podcast

I’ve got some exciting news to share, friends. But let me give you a little background first. A few weeks ago I was searching for some new podcasts on iTunes, and lo and behold, I came across Dan Miller’s 48 Days Podcast, the #1 Career Podcast in iTunes. From the first listen I was hooked. Dan offers inspirational and insightful advice on a variety of topics, including personal and professional career development, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Though he is a noted author and speaker, his 48 Days Podcast is geared toward answering questions from anyone who writes in.

After my second listen, and hearing him repeatedly offer excellent and helpful advice to those who wrote him with questions, I thought…what the heck? I’ll write Dan and see what he thinks about Adam Bowers Media, both as a website and as a business idea.

Of course, at the time I thought…this guy has the #1 Career podcast on iTunes. He must get about a hundred submissions a day. What are my chances of him choosing mine to use on his show? I clicked the send button, and sort of pushed it to the back of my mind. I mean, he’d never pick my submission, right?

I’m thrilled to report that I was wrong. Dan picked my submission about Adam Bowers Media and spoke at length about it.

He said that my site “looks great” and commented on how I addressed the main issues of outsourcing social media management. He also said I “have the expertise to help [churches] do it well.”

He did say that it might be difficult to help churches see the value of outsourcing social media, but I’m hoping that you all can prove him wrong and allow me to help you connect, grow, and engage!

Here’s a link to the 48 Days Podcast where Dan Miller discusses Adam Bowers Media  so you can hear it for yourself! It starts at around 37:45.

A big thank you to Dan for his helpful advice. If you care at all about finding work that you love, that will be personally satisfying and enriching (in more ways than one), please head over to to learn more.