How to Make Room in Your Budget for Social Media

As I’ve said earlier, it can be difficult to convince “the powers that be” that your church or other organization should include social media as a part of its overall communications strategy. This might be especially true if you’re interested in outsourcing your social media management for more effective engagement. Money might be tight at your church, but there are specific and easy ways to make room in your budget for social media management. Here’s some of the best ways to do that:

  1. Reallocate advertising resources. Let’s say that you’re already spending X amount of dollars on promotional materials like signs, pens, banners, etc. How effective is that, really? Are those things really helping promote your church, or could those funds be transferred to social media, which has a potentially world wide reach?
  2. How much does it cost in printing and postage to send out a hard copy of the church newsletter? Instead, hold a campaign to get as many people as possible to opt to receive a digital copy instead. Not only does this help the environment, you’ll easily free up money for professional social media management.
  3. Hold a Social Media Sponsorship campaign. Each month, you can invite a different family in your church to sponsor professional social media management. That way it doesn’t cost you anything, and you’d be involving different people in the mission and life of your church. Sounds like a win-win!
  4. New funds will be generated by using social media. Though you’d be making an initial investment in social media, you’ll find that the returns on that investment more than justify the expense. If only two new people become a part of your congregation through social media and contribute a reasonable amount, you will already have paid for the investment! How many more than two might come? There’s only one way to find out.

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