Why a Website Isn’t Enough

When considering the online presence of your organization, whether it’s a church, nonprofit, or business, it’s tempting to think that a website is enough. It’s easy to think that your website is all you need to interact with the world online, that it’s doing the job. After all, you’ve invested time and money in its design and management, and you’d like to think that it’s a professional and welcoming insight into your organization.

That might have been true 10 years ago, but times have changed. In the age of the dominance of social media, a website is a start, but that’s about it. Your organization needs to become a part of the conversations taking place on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. Yes, your website will point people to those different conversation sites, but without them it’s basically like a sign pointing nowhere.

Dead End - close up

In my first post, I discussed how the old way of communication, the one way movement of information from an authority to its recipients, is dead. Without any interactive links to your social media presence, your website is basically a dead end. People just aren’t interested in one way conversations anymore. Of course, certain information on a website will always be relevant: your location, hours, who works there, church service times, what services you offer. But if the only face you have to offer the world online is one that says, “you come to us, we don’t come to you and participate in your conversations and your life,” you’re going to be hard pressed really engaging people in what you’re doing and what you offer them.

Luckily, it’s not hard to get started with social media, and it’s even easier to add links to your various social media accounts on your website. Any web designer worth their salt can add them in a snap.

Don’t wait for people to find you and your website. Get out there and spread the word about the great things your organization is doing through social media, and welcome people in a refreshing new way!

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